Pre-K 3

“The Art of Teaching is the Art of Assisting Discovery”

– Mark Van Dorsen

Pre-K 3-Year-Old Program

As each new three year old enters our program, they are welcomed with open arms, warm hearts, and a classroom built on love and respect.  Our primary goals in Pre-K 3 are to help our youngest learners with the 6 S’s – Separation from Parents, Socialization, Self-Expression, Sharing, Sensory Development, and Self-Direction.  All of our learning experiences are two-fold; they are designed to gain knowledge but to also foster a love of learning.

Your child will learn all of the independent self-help skills that are necessary as they mature.  Dressing and undressing with coats and hats, mastering toileting needs and hand washing, packing and unpacking backpacks, as well as opening their lunch boxes and cleaning up after snack and lunch are all needs and skills that develop as they grow.  Your little one will learn to count, cut with scissors, graph, sort and sequence, draw representationally, build, take turns, listen, communicate, play games and so much more.

Every month brings exciting, new thematic units, exposure to new concepts and materials, and new learning experiences.  Favorite themes during the year include: “Down on the Farm,” “Animals of the Night,” “The Sights and Sounds of Autumn,” “December is Time to Celebrate,” “Winter Wonderland,” “Arctic Mysteries,” “What’s Up With the Seeds We Sow?” and “The Hidden Treasures of the Mighty Atlantic.”  Through these themes and daily activities, we incorporate and explore language, math, science, social studies, and religion.

Hands-on, meaningful learning is our approach and school days filled with wonder, exploration and exciting learning experiences are what we are all about.  Artists, scientists, musicians, chefs, engineers, teachers, athletes and more, are the children who make your child’s classroom the special place that it is.  Each unique individual is embraced for who they are and we strive to enhance every child’s talents and abilities while providing a strong foundation for all of our students. 



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