Kindergarten Curriculum Overview

Kindergarten is a time of wonder, awe and learning.  It is an exciting time for children and their families and represents a major threshold in your child’s life at a critical stage of development.  These early years are often called “the wonder years.”  In the Kindergarten, we undoubtedly fill these years with wonder as we guide your children over the threshold into a “lifetime of learning.”  Here, experiential learning and academic excellence go hand in hand, which will enable your young child to become knowledgeable and involved members of their community. The Kindergarten program is multi-faceted, incorporating Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Religion, Music and Art, Technology and Physical Education into our everyday activities.  This extensive curriculum allows each child to acquire a variety of important skills, knowledge and attitudes that will affect their abilities to learn, their personal development, their relationships with others and their future participation in society. Our curriculum is designed to provide a solid foundation of academic excellence from which individual styles and creativity may develop and thrive.  Teamwork and innovation are fostered in this unique environment and we address each student’s varying abilities and interests through a thematic, integrated and experiential approach to learning.

Language Arts

The Houghton Mifflin “Journeys” Reading/Language Arts program is our core ELA curriculum.  Additional instruction is provided by guided reading activities that offer a wealth of high quality literature to engage early learners.  Reading development includes literal and inferential comprehension, the use of figurative language and an understanding of a variety of genre.  Phonics and phonemic awareness is learned and reviewed in a structured, sequential and cumulative manner.  Our Kindergarten writing program encourages students to gain an understanding and appreciation to communicate effectively through written and spoken language.  Through writing workshops, children work through the different stages of the writing process, from prewriting, drafting, revising and finalizing.  Throughout this process, students focus on the traits of writing:  ideas, organization, sentence fluency, conventions and voice.


Our Saxon mathematics program promotes the ability to solve problems and build mathematics from situations generated within the context of everyday experiences.  The curriculum offers opportunities for self-discovery and exploration of concepts and personal strategies as well as exploring and understanding traditional algorithms.  Manipulatives are used as models to provide concrete examples of abstract concepts.  Our program offers meaningful and ample opportunities to differentiate instruction and to provide all students with access to hands-on learning.

Social Studies

The Kindergarten Social Studies curriculum help students acquire a basic, common understanding of world and American history, it’s political principles, and it’s system of local and national government in order to prepare them for responsible participation in our school and civic life.  Students learn history, geography, economics and government by studying who Americans are and where they came from.  Drawing on information and visiting local historic sites, historical societies, and local museums, students are introduced to political, intellectual, economic and social growth of our local community and beyond.


Our science program is an inquiry based program that focuses on the scientific method.  It emphasizes the process of science, the development of problem-solving skills, an understanding of the nature of science through a study of life, physical and earth sciences, as well as the human body. St. John School is committed to activity based/hands-on science instruction. The classroom, our STEM Lab, school grounds, museums, local parks, beaches and local farms are our science laboratories.


We believe that even the youngest of God’s children can begin to understand Christian values, imitate the example of Jesus Christ, and appreciate the gifts and wonders that God lovingly provides each day.  Children grow in the knowledge that they are loved and respected by God and are reminded of their special place within their family, school, community and the world they are beginning to discover.



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